Communion & Baptism

Communion and Baptism are our two official Sacraments of the Church. That is just a fancy way to say that these two acts are "thin places" where we believe heaven and earth touch. 


Communion is repeatable and it calls to mind three things: 1) the gift of Jesus Christ freeing us from bondage of sin; 2) a "here and now" event we share with each other and the communion of all the Saints that have gone on before us and 3) a reminder of the future Hope we have in Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life. Our table is open. We place no restrictions on who can/cannot share in communion. We offer a gluten free alternative. You are invited to take Communion as often as it is offered.


Baptism is not repeatable. We believe that God's Grace works in any official Christian Baptism (UMC or not). We also believe that God's Grace is available to everyone regardless of whether we understand it or not. Therefore we gladly baptize children and those with disabilities. The waters of Baptism wash us of the stain of our sin and empowers us to new life. It is also our formal welcome into the Church of Jesus Christ. Although the specific act of Baptism cannot be repeated, we do from time to time, remember our Baptism by engaging water in worship.


For more information, talk to Pastor John Huff.